Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Few New Finds

As you know we are always adding inventory and this time we added a lot and I also have a few sneak peaks. Check our website for pricing.

 Grey metal card catalog

 Dusty rose color tufted Victorian Medallion couch with carved wood detailing.

 Victorian tufted dusty rose color settee with carved wood details.

 Rustic chippy farm table painted brown over blue so the blue shows through where the brown has peeled away.

 Very rustic trunk.

 An assortment of vintage clocks.

 Small metal crown. This would look great as a cake topper or prop.

 Victorian chippy tall candle holder. These would be great as a base for a tall floral centerpiece.

Old worn Shakespeare papers.

The items below are for rent we just don't have them up on the site yet. Please call for pricing.

Vintage sideboard painted matte gray with yellow base coat peaking through complete with mirror built in and yellow handles. This is a perfect statement piece for cake display, dessert buffet, alter, seating cards... the possibilities are endless.

Vintage typewriter for display only.


  1. Erin, these are really great finds! Love the grey sideboard especially.

  2. omg Erin! as much as I love all your new finds, I must say I was jumping up and down when I saw your feature on DailyCandy's Wedding guide!!!! Way to go lady!!! This is such a huge thing!!!

  3. Oh my, these are absolutely fabulous!